Proximity Hopes to Bring Suicide Awareness With a New Donation Campaign

There’s been much talk of mental health in the music industry lately. For one thing more and more artists are open about their hiatuses and the challenges of artists have become a topic of discussion. The passing of Avicii has brought to light some of the hidden adversities that deserve to be talked about. It’s also inspiring a new campaign to promote mental health awareness.

The YouTube music curator and newly formed label Proximity is behind a campaign from the Suicide Awareness Voices of Education (S.A.V.E.). They’re aiming to put mental health and suicide in the spotlight. It’s how Proximity is using their platform to create something positive out of a tragic circumstance. With over seven million subscribers, their channel has a vast audience to reach.

Their involvement with the music industry indicates how touched they are by a common problem; mental health in party situations. Touring and it’s stresses can often leave an artist feeling overwhelmed and pressured. Combined with the presence of party favors, this can be a dangerous combo.

S.A.V.E. offers resources for those who’ve lost a loved one to suicide and those who are experiencing depression. With information on mental illness, warning signs and crisis services, it’s just one way the EDM community can give back. For this reason Proximity has released limited edition S.A.V.E. shirts with all proceeds going towards On top of this, donations can also be made directly here.

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