Pretty Lights

Pretty Lights Welcomes New Era With Latest Release

Only Yesterday video is a nostalgic look at last year's Pretty Lights festival

Pretty Lights released a new track (This is your cue to freak out). A feels trip on so many levels, Only Yesterday is Pretty Lights’ first track release in nearly two years. It’s calming. It’s cathartic. It’s Pretty Lights. And from the little we’ve heard from producer Derek Vincent Smith, it’s the jumping-off point for a new era of music from Pretty Lights.

“‘Only Yesterday’ is a track trying to express something very honest about how it can feel like an ongoing struggle to truly be yourself. The video is a piece of cinematic nostalgia, and an effort to collectively acknowledge how important it can be for an individual to find meaningful connection with their FRIENDS.”
–Pretty Lights

Along with it, we are gifted a video featuring footage from last year’s Pretty Lights and the Analog Future Band mini-festival in Telluride, CO. The 2-day festival was such a success that it will be happening again (in Telluride) on August 26-27. Dates were announced on Sunday, and pre-sale tickets have already sold out, but public tickets go on sale Wednesday, March 9 at 10 a.m. MST (Yes MST, so 9 a.m. PST).

And if that doesn’t excite you enough, all of Pretty Lights’ music is free to download from his store. He was one of our favorite sets at EDC Las Vegas 2015, he’s constantly reflecting and redefining (read: growing) himself, and he’s giving away his music for free. How can you not love him?