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Portland Gets The Glitch Mob Treatment [Event Review]

The Glitch Mob are one of the most highly-acclaimed, well-respected, and adored groups in dance music today. So when the trio, currently made up of Boreta, Ooah, and edIT, announced an eight-stop tour with three visits to the Northwest, fans from all around our corner of the continent took advantage. The bass music demigods performed in Vancouver, Portland, and at SASQUATCH! Festival last weekend, and we were lucky enough to catch their unsurprisingly spectacular show at the Roseland Theater on Saturday, May 23rd.

Featuring an immaculate blend of classic hits, remixes, and all of our favorite tunes from Love, Death, Immortality, The Glitch Mob delivered on all levels and, for the umpteenth time, lived up to their exceedingly high expectations.

Beginning with Drive It Like You Stole It, The Glitch Mob let the crowd know exactly what type of night they were in for. The sold-out Roseland Theater audience responded in kind, kicking-off a magical night in the most memorable way possible. This theme would be repeated endlessly throughout the night, with the entirety of the crowd seamlessly syncing to the beat of each and every tune. The Glitch Mob had brought their A-Game, and so had Portland.

After successfully warming up the crowd the way some acts close out the night, The Glitch Mob unleashed the heart of their last 18 months and delivered hit-after-hit from one of our favorite albums from 2014: Love, Death, Immortality. Starting off the string of album tunes the same way as they do on the album, The Glitch Mob performed Mind Of A Beast, and then had everyone singing to the soul-crushing vocals of Aja Volkman in Our Demons.

And then The Glitch Mob hit their stride. Playing Skytoucher and enjoying the energetic atmosphere they’d done so well to create, they then slowed it down with Becoming Harmonious; a tact not many artists would take. But, as is clearly evident after witnessing a live performance, The Glitch Mob are not many artists. The trio, and the crowd, didn’t miss a beat, as the song got one of the loudest cheers of the night.

Just as quickly as the tempo slowed, The Glitch Mob brought it right back up. Stringing together what ended up being our favorite section of the night, the Los Angeles-natives performed Can’t Kill Us, their remix of Metallica’s Lords Of SummerI Need My Memory Back, and Carry The Sun. A happier group of 1,500 people in the Northwest couldn’t be found. We suspect many throughout the summer will know this feeling, as The Glitch Mob now head south for several more stops in America before heading east for a few European fesitval stops in June.

By then, many more would’ve heard a tune that, as of now, a relatively small amount of fans have had the pleasure to hear. Following the ‘end’ of the show, raucous applause, screaming, clapping, and any other possible form of gratitude was heaved at the darkened stage. More was coming, we knew. But what we got was oh-so much more.

A new track that, at the time, had only been played to the crowd in attendance in Vancouver, blew us all away. The tune was quintessential The Glitch Mob and had the crowd grooving as if it were off of Drink The Sea. After throwing down a couple more classics, the crowd, and the trio, were visibly wiped. After a group pic, each of the guys went down to the crowd and took pictures, signed autographs, and talked with the fans they’d just raged with. The surprisingly temperate venue was full of sweaty, smiling faces, hoarse voices, and happy souls.

We can’t wait for The Glitch Mob to return to the Northwest, and as always, it can’t come soon enough. Let us know if you went to catch The Glitch Mob at the Roseland Theater last weekend, or if you’ll be catching them throughout this summer! Comment below, on Facebook, or reply on Twitter!