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Porter Robinson’s Episode 2 of ‘Worlds’ Live Tour Emphasizes The Experience

Porter Robinson made it known before Worlds came out that his album would not fit perfectly into a predefined genre, especially electronic dance music.  His exact words: “If you try to evaluate this thing as an EDM album, it’s not going to make sense.” Fortunately for his fans, and those who are still confused about his shows not being raves, Porter Robinson has started releasing episodes of his Worlds Live Tour explaining what it’s about. With the second episode released, Porter is sure to mention again that his shows are not him DJing but rather him performing the beautiful music he has created.

For people who are coming out to rage and see the craziest party ever, they will either leave disappointed or discover something new that they like.

The Worlds Tour is an experience. The highly talented Porter Robinson wants those who attend his shows to understand that. His music has blossomed from raging electronic dance music into something more mellow with added depth. His tour very much reflects this change. With Worlds truly representing who Porter Robinson is as an artist, he has taken every step to prove how much his music means to him.

In episode 2 of Worlds Live Tour, Porter Robinson was able to hear first hand that he had connected with his fans. They understood this show was an experience. With endless hours of work put into the Worlds album and tour, we can’t imagine how rewarding this must be to artists like Porter. If you haven’t had the opportunity to see the Worlds Tour yet we suggest you do, keeping in mind it is an experience. If you’ve already seen the Worlds tour, do you feel the same as the fans toward the end of episode 2? What did or didn’t you like?

Every single thing was on purpose and was part of a larger vision than just DJing. I love having a good time, I love going to just a show where a DJ is DJing but this was an experience.