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Stream Porter Robinson’s Entire ‘Worlds’ Album & Love Your Life

With Porter Robinson bringing his Worlds Tour To Seattle, we’re finding it hard to contain our excitement here at Dance Music Northwest. Not only are we going to have  a good portion of our team at the Worlds show here in Seattle, but we are also giving away two tickets. We want you to be able to experience the new found sound of Porter Robinson as well. Now we have our first taste of the new album in the form of NPR’s First Listen look, available to stream now.

With the first three releases off from WorldsSea of VoicesSad Machine, and Lionhearted, it’s quickly apparent that Porter Robinson is showing off his true skills as an artist.  He’s taking a daring new turn with his sound. Some of Porter’s previous fans weren’t quite sure how to take his new sound, some absolutely loved it, and some who had never heard Porter Robinson previous to Worlds became new fans.

Even though there were only three songs off of the Worlds album available, it was clear that the direction he’s taken is a mature step for the young producer. For some though, three songs isn’t enough to decide. With NPR’s First Listen, we’re free to draw further conclusions.

Robinson is already headlining major EDM festivals, and with his debut album Worlds, he pivots away from trends to explore a virtual fantasy world inspired by video games, anime and M83. -NPR

Listen in here and let us know what you think of Porter’s first full album!