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Porter Robinson Lets Friends Into His “Worlds”

For maximum effect, press “play” on the above track.

Ladies and gentlemen, the next big thing since Worlds is coming on October 2. Do you remember that first time you heard Porter Robinson’s ground-breaking and (to some) life-changing album? Re-live the magic again with an extra twist, as we play back through the album seemingly for the first time with a new remix of each track. Worlds Remixed hosts remixes by 12 different artists that Porter respects and trusts.

One notable remixer is Mat Zo, who worked with Porter on their collaborative track Easy back in 2013. Other remixers include Northwest-grown Odesza, Chrome Sparks, Sleepy Tom, and Slumberjack. With each remixer’s personal sound coming out on each track, we’re left wondering how the album will flow as a whole. Then again, at this point we have zero reason to doubt Porter Robinson’s decisions when it comes to his music.

Worlds doesn’t really have a place in reality…

Worlds started as a concept album rooted in fiction, and turned into an incredible live performance experience that toured the actual world. Porter once gave us Language and with Fellow Feeling started a real conversation about the current state of EDM. He’s a man with a lot to say, and endless ways to say it. So though we’re happy to be getting Worlds Remixed, we can’t wait to continue the conversation with Porter Robinson and whatever has next for us.

“Divinity” (feat. Amy Millan) (Odesza Remix)

“Sad Machine” (Deon Custom Remix)

“Years of War” (Feat. Breanne Duren & Sean Caskey) (Rob Mayth Remix)

“Flicker” (Mat Zo Remix)

“Fresh Static Snow” (Last Island Remix)

“Polygon Dust” (Feat. Lemaitre) (Sleepy Tom Remix)

“Hear The Bells (Feat. Imaginary Cities) (Electric Mantis Remix)

“Natural Light” (San Holo Remix)

“Lionhearted” (Feat, Urban Cone) (Point Point Remix)

“Sea Of Voices” (Galimatias Remix)

“Fellow Feeling” (Slumberjack Remix)

“Goodbye to a World” (Chrome Sparks Remix)