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Go Behind the Scenes of the Shelter Live Tour with Porter & Madeon

(Spoiler Warning: This video shows about 12 minutes of their set, if you were hoping to be completely surprised at the live show)

This past weekend, Porter Robinson and Madeon played a sold out show at Madison Square Garden. Andrew Chow of The New York Times got to view their sound check, and followed up with a Q&A session using questions sent in by viewers all over the world via Facebook.  

For the Q&A, questions ranged from, “Who are your biggest music influences?” to “What is the philosophy of your music and what is your message to the world?” Each answer from Madeon and Porter Robinson was beautifully conveyed.  

The two artists presented an interesting relationship and dynamic. Madeon was usually first to speak. His eyes wandered and observed things outside the camera’s view, while Porter Robinson was very attentive when he tagged on his answer. Viewers asked about Porter Robinson’s  short film/anime, Shelter. The way he spoke about it was so proud; to see his story come to life in an anime was rewarding.

 They emphasized that visuals are important to both Madeon and Porter Robinson.

“We are both big fans of visual media as a source of inspiration for music. I collect images that I find online, that I find inspiring, and I use them as reference as I write music.” – Madeon

“I’m constantly browsing the web and scanning for images that will evoke a song idea for me. Visuals are super important, and I’m sure everyone that watches the stream can see that visuals are really a massive component of what we do.” – Porter Robinson

This video came out at a perfect time, helping us get ready for amazing shows on the West Coast. Hopefully you can catch one of these PNW shows, (or head to another local city if yours is sold out).

Vancouver, BC – December 6-7
Portland – December 8
Seattle – December 10

Check out the full video, and we hope to see you at a show!