Taylor Hill/Getty Images

A PNW Hometown Hero Joined Ookay to Rock EDC Las Vegas

California based producer and DJ Ookay brought a special touch from the PNW to his EDC set. After giving the Cosmic Meadow all he has, Fight 4 U just rocked the crowd, and he’s ready to finish it with Thief. The crowd doesn’t know they’re about to get a taste of the PNW.

The heartfelt tune about stealing hearts comes in. At this point, the saxophone element begins to build. Ookay welcomes on stage with him Seattle’s own Kenny G with his shining saxophone to finish it off. The award winning and smooth jazz musician takes it away over Ookay’s finishing number.

This special appearance highlights a major gem of the Pacific Northwest. Kenny G is considered one of the best-selling musicians of all time, with global record sales totaling over 75 million. Playing with legends like Stevie Wonder and Robin Thicke, Kenny can add playing under the electric sky to his distinguished record.

Kenny G’s performance highlights the PNW’s contribution to the ever mixing worlds of electronic and instrumental music. Ookay’s next appearances include Summer Camp Music Festival this Friday the 25 and Red Rocks Park and Ampitheatre on Sunday June 3. Kenny G will be appearing next at the Hampton Jazz Festival in Hampton, Virginia. The two part ways for now, but will surely remember their performance for years to come.

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