Plug’em Campaign Exposes The Dangers of Tinnitus, Encourages Earplugs

Thank Plug'em Later.

    Accidents are often taken into consideration that are brought on by those who use drugs or aren’t properly hydrated. Because of their prominence, we regularly prepare for the possibility. However, there is a long-term health condition that music-lovers need to be made more aware of and plan for equally called, Tinnitus. Loud music causes this condition and is described as a constant, self-contained ringing in the ears. Currently, younger populations are becoming diagnosed more so than ever.

    Plug’em, a brand new campaign out of the UK, is focusing itself on bringing awareness to this condition. It does so by spreading the importance of wearing earplugs at live music events when sound levels are deemed unsafe. Plug’em’s official website offers measures to take in order to avoid Tinnitus, and sound levels considered safe. Mark Ronson, a DJ and producer, can vouch for any doubters and unconcerned ragers, as he has suffered from Tinnitus for 10 years and is now an ambassador for Plug’em admitting, “I wish I had been smart enough to Plug’em earlier.”

    For advice on how you can best fight early onset hearing loss, take a look at our comprehensive guide to earplugs!