No better time for a hefty dosing of Warrior music than a 3-day weekend. Because hey- Weekenders need to refuel, too! This weekend’s compilation of electro, dubstep, tech house, and bass music comes from a few up-and-coming artists to watch for – some of them have been introduced to us by the artists we interview! These are some of their top faves, and we hope you dig them, too! With fresh sounds, the nearing of a new school year, and summer coming to close, let’s make this weekend a celebration of gratitude for the blessings an memories we’ve made this summer, and all of the wild nights to come this fall. So breathe in the chilled morning air, let the beaming sun kiss your face before it says goodbye for the winter, and embrace the beauty of today. (And tomorrow, and Monday…) Happy Labor Day Weekend, Warriors!! Stay strong!!