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Yearning for the Farm? Planet Shambhala Has Got You Covered

Shambhala Music Festival is a festival that many people call home. It is their get away, the place that they can truly be themselves. And now you can experience Shambhala Music Festival from above.

Even if you have never been to the festival, director Jim Vanderhorst does a great job of capturing just what could be for some, and what is for many. Shambhala Music Festival released their own Planet Earth video, “Planet Shambhala”, and it will get you ready to be back in the community.

The video is done beautifully, highlighting what Shambhala is to many people, the feeling of escape, dancing, nature, community, music and love. Planet Shambhala was directed, shot and cut by Jim Vanderhorst, and narrated by Ian Chatwin, who does a great narration sounding similar to David Attenborough.

We are excited for what the series will highlight, and what they are going to share. Check it out below and let us know what you think!