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PK Sound Announces New ‘Gravity’ Line, Bassheads Rejoice

Shambhala, Paradiso, Bass Coast, EDC, Lightning in a Bottle…all these events have on thing in common: PK Sound. The once small speaker company from Calgary, Alberta has quickly become the top choice of speakers for festivals, touring shows and even venues. PK Sound’s Co-founder and Village stage director, Jeremy Bridge, also known as Subvert, has been helping lead the charge of progressive advances in audio technology and helping define the bass music scene of today. With a reputation for literal body moving sound, PK’s latest addition to their speaker family only furthers their name in the dance music community.

It’s no secret that the PNW loves their bass and arguably just as much as the “Center of bass music”. Taking a look at some of the festival lineups from 2016 alone, it’s clear that promoters and artists would also agree. With their humble beginnings from Shambhala Music Festival some 10 years ago, PK Sound has boomed into the spotlight of nearly every major festival in the PNW. With the unveiling of their Trinity line array at Paradiso 2015, it was obvious that they were here to stay.

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Earlier this month, PK unveiled their latest edition to their speaker family, the Gravity 30 subwoofer. Without going into too much detail we’ll just tell you this thing is LOUD. On paper the specs show a single Gravity 30 to replace 3 conventional dual 18″ subwoofer bins. While the pure power of their latest speaker is quite obvious, PK has also reduced packing weight and space compared to their CX800s.  With a single Gravity 30 running off a 15,000W amplifier and “differential pressure loop technology”, this monster of a speaker will be pushing some serious air.

With all this new speaker talk it’s hard not to get excited about returning to Shambhala in August next year. The thought of staring down a wall of these speakers give us chills in all the right places. The Village stage is already made its name as an icon amongst the sound stages of bass music. Take a minute to think about what these Gravity 30 speakers mean when you’ve essentially increased the stages maximum wattage output by nearly 200%. If it wasn’t obvious before, we now HIGHLY suggest picking up a set of ear plugs before stepping into The Village in 2017.

With the last few technological advancements that PK Sound has provided bass music, and moreover the dance music community as a whole, the future of PK Sound looks to be limitless. Once you’ve been bitten by the bug it’s hard to go back listening to music on subpar speakers. The Gravity line continues the idea that music was also meant to be felt and not just heard. We’re really looking forward to seeing, and hearing, these bad boys for ourselves.

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