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Pixie Dust: Get To Know Olympia’s Premiere Music and Arts Festival

If you have been on social media, you might have heard about the Pixie Dust Festival. Well we are here to tell you more about the festival and why you need to attend this year. Pixie Dust is a music and art festival located in Olympia, WA being held on March 31. Last year was the inaugural year for the local festival, an outdoor camping festival in Olympic Valley. However, this year, Pixie Dust is making big changes.

One of the main changes include making the festival a multi-venue festival. Being held from happy hour to closing time, there will be art installations, live-electronic music and DJs and pop up venue at night to keep you dancing.

pixie dust festival 2018 ticket image

So, who are the brands behind Pixie Dust? Hosted by 2CBEATZ, BubbleGunk and Beat Hollow Records, more specifically, Will, Hildi and Andy, all with much experience in the industry.

Andy, a sound and lighting technician and production coordinator, was once an Ableton engineer that toured Flume’s self-titled album. With his experience, he made massive upgrades to that show, and even helped build the Skin album into the live show it is now. He is now burned out from the tour life and decided to bring some music and excitement to us in Washington.

pixie dust festival dancer with feather wings

Pixie Dust dancer with feather wings and body paint

Hildi, a fashion artist, coordinates the fashion features at 2CBEATZ events and Pixie Dust, along with helping with social media marketing and promotion. She brings all the art together in the show to make it as magical as it can be for Pixie Dust.

You have probably seen creator Will at some past shows. Will, also known as 2CBEATZ, is a DJ, promoter, visionary, and producer of underground events. All three brands have been in the industry for a very long time, putting two and two together, they are sure to throw a festival that we will enjoy.

Pixie Dust Fest Main Stage

Pixie Dust Festival Main Stage

The mission at Pixie Dust Festival is to currate boutique underground events, both outdoors and indoors, that include tasteful music, art, and fashion, creating a space with positive vibes and contributing to a progressive music scene.

This year artists such as Super Square and DJ Bibi McGill are already on the lineup. Bibi McGill toured with P!nk, Beyonce, and Jay Z as a guitarist and musical director. Now she is making her way to Pixie Dust with her DJ set. Tickets for Pixie Dust are on sale now for $33 dollars. You can purchase your tickets here.

Will we be seeing you at Pixie Dust Festival this year? Let us know in the comments below!