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Pharrell Williams, ‘Girls Trip’ Writer to Adapt Rave-Based YA Novel “Survive the Night”

Pharrell Williams is teaming up with writer and director Tracy Oliver to adapt the young adult novel by Danielle Vega, Survive the Night. The novel follows four friends at an underground rave in the subway system below New York City. Throughout the story, they must fight to survive someone, or something, trying to hunt them down.

The horror-themed rave flick should make for an interesting backdrop for some exciting music choices. Although, whether the film plans to showcase music that follows the underground rave theme as opposed to making it a more about a general music festival remains unseen. Regardless, music will certainly be an integral element of the movie in both storytelling and atmosphere.

Oliver garnered attention as the writer behind the recent hit comedy Girls Trip. Pharrell will produce the film,  along with his partner at I Am Other Entertainment, Mimi Valdes.

Do you have any thoughts on a music-themed horror/thriller? Is there potential for this to be a success? Let us know in the comments!