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Is Pendulum Planning a Comeback Tour in 2017?

A new video posted by the band seems to say "hell yes"

Pendulum took to social media to announce their anticipated return in 2017 earlier this week, not long after Nova Rock released their 2017 line-up on Facebook. While the photo of their band artwork with the caption ‘Pendulum 2017’ doesn’t make clear what they’re working on, fans certainly have hope, and fans are talking.

The band could very well be on the comeback trailer, even though Rob Swire has suggested otherwise in past years. Swire and Gareth McGrillen hosted an AMA on Reddit for Knife Party in 2014, and when asked if there was anything in the works for Pendulum, Swire provided a lengthy, albeit cryptic answer, where he attempted to dissuade fans concerning another tour.

He had stated that if they were to create another album “it will most likely sound completely different, just because…well, people change, and get bored of things, etc’.” He went on to state how his preference was to work on something else with Knife Party (or perhaps a new project altogether). Even though Pendulum is allegedly under contract to complete one more album, Swire didn’t seem certain that it was going to happen.

It doesn’t look like Nova Rock will be the only festival with Pendulum playing either. Alongside other big names, they’re a headliner at EDC Mexico this February. With the recent announcement, Swire might have changed his tune about the amount of desire he had to complete another album for the popular band. An intriguing new video was also recently unveiled on Pendulum’s Facebook page, continuing to hint at the band’s impending return this year. Alongside drummer KJ Sawka’s own post asking fans where they’d want to see Pendulum play in 2017, a comeback tour is beginning to look like more and more of a stark possibility.

While it’s not clear what the band has planned for 2017, it is certain that their avid fans can expect to see something from them in the near future. 2017 looks to be an exciting year to say the very least.