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The Return of Pendulum: Band Teases at “Important News” Ahead of Ultra

Has the time finally arrived? Of all the big acts in dance music right now, Pendulum is one that’s been tragically absent, with all its original members having been focused on other projects. With frontman Rob Swire steeped in production and touring for Knife Party, fans have been left waiting for any news regarding a revival for the legendary drum and bass band. Until recently, our latest information came from drummer KJ Sawka, who told us in a recent interview that Pendulum was “not put to bed.” Now we have even more to get excited about, in the form a cryptic announcement on Pendulum’s social media accounts, telling fans to “stay tuned for important news.”

What this actually means is something entirely different. The last update we heard from Swire was a noncommittal “maybe” in a Reddit AMA, making the impending announcement the first bit of concrete info we’ve had in a long time. All the while, it doesn’t seem coincidental that Swire sent out the following Tweet just a day before Pendulum’s social media accounts lit up:

The hope now is that those “big things” will at least entail new Pendulum music. In that now-famous Reddit AMA, Swire notes that Pendulum is “contracted for another album,” although he also makes it abundantly clear that he’d rather not be. As for a potential full-band tour, it’s an entirely different animal, and requires a lot more in the way of planning, scheduling, and its eventual execution.

It’s worth pointing out that Pendulum has performed sporadic DJ sets over the last few years, so a new announcement likely means one of two things: A full-band tour, or new music. Based on their presence on Ultra Music Festival’s Phase 1 lineup, our bet is on the former. Whether a full tour will follow their Ultra performance is anyone’s guess, but it seems logical that there’s more than just a single festival appearance on the horizon. As for anyone making the trip to Miami for Ultra, Pendulum won’t be performing just any set…

Hell. Yes.