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Rob Swire Leaks Pendulum Album News, Knife Party Album On The Way

Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen have been keeping themselves quite busy as of late with multiple projects in the works to go along with a busy festival schedule. While wrapping up the mastering and final pieces of Abandon Ship, their debut  Knife Party album, Rob Swire has leaked information on a Pendulum album release to follow. However almost everything we’d want to know about Pendulum’s forthcoming album has been escaping the clenches of our grasp much like a cat who cannot catch the freakin’ red dot laser. Briefly surfacing from the shroud of mystery are social media updates via Rob Swire’s Twitter account, which never fail to jolt us to full attention. In response to a tweet (which has since been removed) Swire confirms a Pendulum album:

Pend work begins around September, probably released early next year. –Rob Swire (From since-deleted tweet)

Causing quite the stir already, some of Swire & McGrillen’s fans may be more interested in Pendulum’s forthcoming LP than Abandon Ship coming out this August. After second thought, we’re pretty excited for both, especially to hear new material from Abandon Ship at Tomorrowland this weekend.

In between Knife Party’s DJ sets at festivals like this past  EDC Las Vegas and Tomorrowland, Pendulum made an appearance at Mambo, Ibiza for a deep house DJ set – what?

No more news has been released on whether Pendulum will be embarking on any live tours anytime soon, but we’ll still cross our fingers for either a Pendulum/Knife Party appearance in this years Freaknight lineup. Stay tuned on July 17th @ noon for the phase 1 announcement!