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Pendulum Announces New Album ‘Reworks’, ‘The Complete Works’ Box Set

After a long wait of seven years, the legends of drum & bass, Pendulum, are finally back with a brand new album called The Reworks. With the album being released in less than a months time, on March 16th, the hype around it is growing quite quickly.

The official announcement was very broad, but did come with the message that the new album will be “unlike any other released by the band before.” With the title being “Reworks” one can only wonder if this will be an album of remixes, or all-new pieces from the group. Reworks will be Pendulum’s first studio album to be released since 2010’s Immersion.

The band is also releasing a retrospective box set called Pendulum – The Complete Works.

Check out Pendulum’s previous album Immersion:

Adding to the excitement of the return, the band will be playing a headlining show for the first time since 2011. They will be performing at London’s very own Printworks Nightclub, as the first-ever live act to perform in the club. Tickets sold out in less than an hour after being released, which brings hope that the band will hopefully try to be touring more.

After their Ultra 2016 performance, word was buzzing on whether or not we could expect anything new from the group, or if it was a one time return. Band members like KJ Sawka made Twitter posts about where people wanted to see them perform, and even announced their second live show in years at SW4 the past summer. But really, everyone is wondering what is happening with the legends in the studio, rather than the stage.

For more information on KJ Sawka’s post last year look here

What do you think the new album is going to be like? Are you excited for something new from Pendulum or do you want them to stick with their original, classic sound? Comment below with your answers.