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Pedestrian Tactics Releases Hot New Track “Come With Me”

Seattle-based producer Pedestrian Tactics just dropped a new track, and it will give you the creeps (in the best way). His new track, Come With Me dropped Monday. Listeners describe it as “low key nuts,” “awesome,” “sick,” and “so weird.” We have to agree.

His new track sounds like it is meant to be in a thriller, giving the listener a bit of anxiety because we have to know what happens next. As a listener you can make up many stories of who the voices are, and what they are talking about, or you can just dance. It is more than a track, it’s a great piece to create your own story. By the end you have to have more, and hit repeat.

Pedestrian Tactics is part of Simplify, and has produced under Corporate before Pedestrian Tactics. He has turned the heads of many producers, and his music has been in Porter Robinson, Pretty Lights, Xilent, and Zomboys live sets. Producing as Pedestrian Tactics his music is described as, “passive aggressive bass lines and melodies, glitched and chopped samples, and harsh industrial undertones.” He is more about the music, and less about his identity.

We are excited to see what else he has for us. Make sure to listen to Pedestrian Tactics new track, and check out his Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud and Twitter to stay up to date.