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Paul van Dyk is Returning For a Chance at FreakNight Redemption

When Paul van Dyk got announced for Day 2 of FreakNight this last year, trance-heads in Seattle rejoiced. But then news came in for the now infamous cancellation, leaving Seattle wondering when we’d next see the legend of the genre. Now though we’ll be getting our chance at redemption, with van Dyk set to run the decks at Foundation Nightclub this Saturday, February 7th.

The last time he passed through Foundation, we were treated to the glory that was their semi-temporary laser display, giving us an audio-visual experience to remember. While this time around offers no guarantee of a repeat for the lasers, what we absolutely can count on is a journey through trance music spanning some of the harder offerings all the way to beautiful vocal perfection. Seattle has never been shy about packing venues for legends like Paul van Dyk, and we’re willing to bet that this Saturday will be no exception. Grab tickets over this way while they’re still available, join the event page here, and listen through his Soundcloud below to get familiar.