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Paradiso Festival 2016: The Year of Bass

Now that we’ve had a few days of resting and getting back to the “real world,” we’ve finally had a chance to really take in our Paradiso 2016 experience. Let us first give a massive round of applause to all those involved with this years event. This goes to all the USC staff, volunteers, crew members, sound and rigging crew, security – you guys all did a fantastic job! We take pride knowing such a solid group of individuals come together each year to bring the PNW one of the biggest and best festivals of the summer. From the music to the production and staff; 2016 will safely sit atop the list of best Paradisos to date… until 2017 that is.

2016 kicked off much as any other has with arriving mid-day on Thursday to setup camp and settle in for the rest of the day. We opted for the Gold Camping passes, which (if you can set aside the extra cash for) we HIGHLY suggest. Significantly closer to the venue, less crowded, and was pretty quiet at night which gave us plenty of time to sleep. We met lots of you Thursday night and it’s always a pleasure having good neighbors to play a game of beer pong or two with, or loan out some ketchup for our BBQ… since we forgot. Early into the morning we were met with some serious wind and had to secure our gear further and remove the canopy for our shade structure. We fared pretty well, however, some didn’t. Remember to stake down your tent!

Photo: Paradiso Facebook 2016

Photo: Paradiso Facebook

High winds caused a slight delay in opening of the gates, but we were eventually able to get in. The winds were a welcome trade off compared to last year’s high temperatures. Our Paradiso kicked off at The Wreckage stage with the tail end of local favorite Beauflexx. Right away, we noticed some major improvements to the Wreckage this year with some additional PK Sound bass bins on the wall, a killer LED display, and of course the PK Trinity array. Afterwards, we walked around the festival grounds to check out what was new and hopped on a few rides before the rest of the crowd got in. We also recommend you get your rides in early because later in the day the lines are crazy.

Photo: Paradiso Facebook

Photo: Paradiso Facebook

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