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I Am Become Paradiso, Creator Of Worlds: Jeremy Jones

Paradiso. For some, it’s just a music festival, and for others a different world to escape into. Yet, no one seems to give thought to the 3rd category here. How about the planners, directors, engineers, artists, and other vital players in the production of Paradiso? Yes, they spend 365 ¼ days a year planning and living in the Paradiso we get to experience for a short time. Their dreams and wildest imaginations become our reality. This year, we’ve reached out to the Paradiso/ USC staff to get some insight into just how much goes in to each year’s Paradiso, what each head role requires, and what they can tell us about their part in Paradiso 2015.

What does Paradiso 2015 hold in store for us? We got in deep with Jeremy Jones, Lead Conceptual Design and Decor Director–as well as head VJ–for the drive backing his creativity, points of inspiration for the 2015 design, and any hints he could provide us for this years production! Delve into the Jeremy Jones interview with us, and discover Paradiso 2015.

“I look everywhere for inspiration, especially focusing on unusual places for inspiration because I value the unordinary and new. Color theory is something deep in my heart and I think Paradiso 2015 will be a testament to the affect color can have.”


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