Kaskade’s New Track is Tight (Seriously)

Kaskade has been putting out a lot of new music lately, with remixes and originals. This time, his newest release is an original and the name describes it all, Tight. Featuring vocalist Madge, her voice and Kaskade’s production certainly make you dance. He has now

What to Expect From PNW Favorite Mija at FreakNight

Mija has come a long way since she jumped into our scene by performing an unexpected back to back with Skrillex at Bonnaroo in 2014. On September 14, Mija released a 2 track EP, Just Enough. Which resulted in an ongoing 21 date tour across the

10 Things Dirtybird Campout West Did Right [Review]

We made our way to Dirtybird Campout West in Modesto, California this last weekend, and it was well worth the drive. Being Dirtybird and house fans is helpful, but honestly you could be a fan of any music and find something to enjoy. While there

Electronic Music Mastering: LUFS and True Peak Explained

Mastering isn’t as simple as putting a limiter on your master channel and turning it up “loud”, or slapping on an ill-advised preset. This article will address two things in the realm of mastering audio that engineers and producers alike should be discussing—LUFS and True

Dance Music History Comes to Life With Resurfacing Old DJ Sets

As file sharing capabilities have developed over the last few decades, we’ve gained access to an incredible amount of music. Spotify and Apple Music lead the way for album and track streaming, but services like Mixcloud and SoundCloud have given listeners the opportunity to consume

SoundCloud Rolls Out Monetization Options for Indie Artists

This week, SoundCloud rolled out SoundCloud Premier, a monetization feature. The feature will be available for all independent artists who subscribe to SoundCloud Pro or Pro Unlimited – as long as your content has received at least 5000 plays in eligible countries in the past