Two Friends Headlines Up and Up Fall 2018 Competition

From Cash Cash to Alan Walker to Gryffin, Dance Music Northwest witnessed the birth of the Up and Up college festival series. With the school year quickly approaching, the 2018 fall headliner has been announced, and Two Friends will be taking the stage. The competition

Inside Portland’s No Vacancy Lounge

Redefining what's possible in the Oregon nightlife market (and beyond)

Running a successful club in 2018 is a tall order, forcing a venue to answer a handful of key questions. Can you bring in enough headliner-quality artists to regularly draw a crowd? Can you balance the price of first-rate talent with the cost of running

Iranian Woman Arrested Over Dancing Video

A young Iranian woman currently faces charges by the government for the content of her Instagram videos. Maedeh Hajabri posted a video dancing to pop and rap music without donning a hijab in her bedroom, which is a requirement for all women who appear in

Win Your Way Into Electric Love Music Festival!

Electric Love is fast approaching, and in our opinion, it’s going to be one of the best of the season! With a diverse and varied lineup full of old school pioneers and new school trend setters, it’s got something for everyone! Featuring such names as

CONFIRMED: Virtual Self is Coming to WaMu Theater This September

It hasn’t even been 365 days since Porter Robinson’s thrilling Virtual Self project became public. Already headlining festivals and appearing all over the world, Virtual Self is now going on tour. According to EDM Identity and Reddit, here are the potential stops for the tour,

TeZATalks – My Own Thing (Produced by Qreepz)

TeZATalks, one of DMNW’s favorite local vocalists, just released a new track called My Own Thing, produced by Qreepz. From the track’s description: “The world can sometimes make us feel like we don’t belong. In my darkest days, I find the Light. In my loneliest hours, I

Sofi Tukker Partners with Plus1 to Donate $20,000 to Planned Parenthood

Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern who make up Sofi Tukker, are more than just amazing musicians, but supporters of Planned Parenthood as well. They recently partnered with Plus1 for their TreeHouse tour to donate to Planned Parenthood. Sofi Tukker will donate $1 from every ticket sold of their