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Pacific Northwest Local Artist Spotlight | OmegaMode

OmegaMode is turning heads around the globe for crafting meticulous basslines, thrilling arrangements, and his genre-breaking style. He is dominating the bass music scene in Seattle as of late. Plus, his skills behind the decks and preparation in the studio definitely prove his talent will lift off. With over a decade of music production, engineering, and sound design under his belt, this Seattle based producer amasses a potent armada of sonic weaponry. He remains in the shadows, with sporadic SoundCloud uploads over the past year, while only emerging from his studio on rare occasions to destroy dance floors across North America and more recently, Europe.

With DJ support coming from acts like Skrillex, Excision and more, the world is waiting for OmegaMode to unleash the material he has had under wraps for years. Luckily, it seems our patience will be rewarded in 2017. Check out his latest dubstep mix Arsenal Mix Vol.1 below to hear a diverse bunch of unreleased tunes. If you don’t follow him currently, we’re sure you will after giving this a listen! If that doesn’t convince you, then his latest single Heaven Fall will.

What do you think of OmegaMode’s Arsenal Mix Vol. 1! What other artists does his style remind you of? Do you know of any other local artists that deserve some spotlight? Leave your thoughts in the comments!