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Ozone 8: Mastering Simplified and Demystified (Review)

Ozone by iZotope is a suite of music production plugins and tools particularly suited for mastering music. We briefly discussed mastering your own music in a previous article, but Ozone can help you finish music that rivals the job done in an expensive studio, all from the comfort of your own home or professional studio. The plugins in Ozone can be operated independently and you can also use Ozone as a standalone editor. Mastering is expensive; not that the price isn’t worthwhile- you can expect to spend anywhere between 20 and 200 dollars (or more) per track depending on your engineer’s clout and gear. Ozone makes a great investment because once you get acquainted with it, you can master tracks for others and make back your money over time.

The latest version really shines with it’s improved arsenal. Master AssistantTonal Balance ControlTrack Referencing, and Spectral Shaper (all included with Ozone 8 Advanced) give you incredible control of your music. It’s now about as simple as importing a reference track in a desired end-product state, and Ozone will actually master your track for you.

Ozone’s new ‘Master Assistant’ makes it exceedingly easy to jump into a new project (cred: iZotope.com)

The ability to set the perceived loudness of your track is especially handy, with many streaming services’ limit/normalization with loudness nowadays. The tools included in this powerful suite also do a lot to help you learn the mastering process. You can easily A/B between your affected and unaffected audio without changes in loudness, allowing you to make objective decisions about your mix/master.

Fortunately for all of those who can’t shell out a couple hundred bucks on new kit, Splice is offering a special rent-to-own price of $14.99 per month for both Ozone 8 and Neutron 2 (the latest version of Neutron, another powerful analysis, mixing, and mastering tool from iZotope).

Through October 31st, 2017 all the new Ozone gear is heavily discounted with their Music Production Suite (all their plugs) on sale for only $699, so capitalize on these deals while you still can!