Astrid Nicolson

Out-of-This-World Bass in Kamloops: Raving Adventures in Interior BC

On January 12th, the quiet little interior city of Kamloops BC experienced a perfect storm combined talents. Metafloor, LeoZen, English Import, and Shambhala regular Mat the Alien delivered an out-of-this-world performance at On the Rocks Bar and Grill.

Presented by local event production and promotion outfit Hi, Society, good vibes abounded and groups of friends were reunited until 2 AM. There was an intimate afterparty at the house of one of the organizers and the festivities continued until 8 AM! This was one for the books.

Metafloor warmed up the crowd with dark dubs and shimmering basslines, a perfect introduction to the evening. LeoZen presented his unique blend of searing harmonic melodies alongside liquid Drum’n’Bass and hard-hitting transitions.

Providing the grand finale, Mat the Alien threw down his personalized mix of genre-defying electro dubs and otherworldly sounds, living up to his Alien moniker. It’s also worth noting the use of the Canadian-made PK sound system especially brought in for the evening and used to produce an excellent level of sound quality.

Supporting your local scene wherever you find yourself is a great way to make friends and new connections. In the past, the Hi, Society crew has presented festivals, club shows and underground outdoor raves alike.

Of particular note, its famous Back to the Forest series in partnership with IUG and its self-titled festival. Needless to say, this hotbed of talent and progressive growth is one to watch!

Author’s note: I was lucky to run into friends I knew from raving in Northern BC and Vancouver Island. Small world!

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(Correction: An earlier version of this article neglected to mention the partnership with IUG in the Back To The Forest Series, this has been corrected)