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Ookay Steals the Night in Portland and Seattle

The thief of the night the past weekend was without a doubt Ookay and his squad, Bonnie X Clyde and DNMO. The Bad Habits tour stopped in Boise, Portland and Seattle for all the PNW fans.

The show kicked off with locals, followed by DNMO who played a heavy hitting set. The crowd was floored when he played the Mo Bomba remix by Reach. After DNMO, duo Bonnie X Clyde played their set with live vocals by Bonnie. Both nights, the crowd sang loud with the duo.

Photo: Turk Photos

Then was the thief of the night: Ookay. The first hour of the show he played his live set, ending the live portion of his set with Thief. The crowd goes crazy for the track…and every original track that Ookay plays throughout his set. After the set ended, he goes on to play his DJ set and doing a B2B2B with DNMO and Bonnie X Clyde at the Portland show and a B2B with Bonnie X Clyde at the Seattle show.

Photo: Turk Photos

If you want a change from a normal DJ/ EDM show, check out the Bad Habits tour for a change. The tour is not over just yet, with more dates added in January and February for phase 2.

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