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One Love Music Festival Appears With Incredible 2017 Lineup

With a market of high festival saturation, it’s a no wonder that some of them slipped through the cracks, and try as we might we can’t hit every single one. Which is why when the lineup for One Love Music Festival crossed our paths, we couldn’t believe our eyes.

Bringing together some of the most prolific and high-profile artists of today, and yesterday. The fledging festival boasts an eclectic and interesting lineup, featuring superstar old schooler Moby, French bass music prodigy CloZee, and some DMNW favourites DJ Dan and Mark Farina, plus West coast bass music legend Stylust Beats gives it a local feel as well. You can peep the full lineup here:

This festival takes place in Lake Perris, CA, just 60 miles outside of LA, on one of the most beautiful pieces of land we’ve come across in recent memory. Just take a look at the view of the sunset over the lake!

The music, though it is the main attraction of the festival itself, isn’t the only thing we’re enthusiastic about. In true festival fashion, the grounds boast everything from morning yoga and guided meditation, to interactive workshops on everything from permaculture to tantric sex. There is something for everyone at this vivacious and fresh festival. They even have a healers on site to attend to your personal and spiritual needs if needed.

Most festivals are 18 or 19+, but not One Love Music Festival. It even includes an interactive area for children, put on by the Family Love Village, bringing activities and workshops for children to give them the festival experience just like their parents! So, bring your little ones and have a blast showing them a festival built for adults, but even suitable for kids.

Though none of us here have ever had the chance to head down, we urge everyone around to pop down and see what they have to offer! One Love looks to be one of the premiere festivals of the fall. Thanks to that intoxicating California sunshine, festival season doesn’t really have to end, does it? Head over to their official website for more info here.

Anyone planning on making the journey? Let us know in the comments!