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OKNF Collective Kicks Off The Summer With ‘We Are OKNF Vol. 6’

OKNF Collective has been making gargantuan waves in the bass music scene for a year now. With heavy-hitting releases from the likes of Chick Iverson, Elevator MusikFrustraGrensta (who recently played in Seattle), and Nick Siarom, the past and future hold a cache of bangers from their stacked and expanding roster.

We recently got our hands on the Brooklyn-based collective’s newest compilation of quirk, We Are OKNF Vol. 6, which dropped on the first of June. This release features both new and old OKNF artists, with their signature eclectic and booty-shakin’ beats. The music speaks for itself- the signature OKNF “Brooklyn Bass” aesthetic, sound, and style is carefully channeled into each track, reinventing dance music expectations throughout. Each track has a completely different perspective on DJ music, giving us a taste of the unpredictably fresh future of electronic music in the world.

Perhaps the best part of their movement is the ease of access and proliferation of quality, FREE, and bumpin’ dance tunes. All of the music released by them has been and always will be free. Whether it’s the new Dorian or Nick Siarom EP, they don’t discriminate. While it might sound alien in a world that’s made-for-profit, it’s always been about the music for OKNF. They encourage listeners, fans, and producers alike proclaiming, “If you like the music, please support your favorite up-and-coming artist by attending shows, downloading their albums off Beatport and sharing their music with your friends!”

We also got the OKNF boss Clem Lee to provide some words on their noble mission, “OKNF was started out of my own frustration as a producer to get my music heard. At the time I was also sick of all the major labels releasing cookie cutter copies. In short, I want to give power back to the artist by allowing them to self release and grow their followers. Lets stop paying managers, labels, etc to do things that we can do ourselves- there’s strength in numbers. We prioritize artist success over the labels success.”

Listen through their discography here on their SoundCloud, and find some gems for your next house party, warehouse rave, or mainstage festival-ending set.

(cred: OKNF)

Stay in touch with OKNF on their SoundCloud page and on Facebook

Also get ready for the first OKNF Records release this summer! The festival season looks bright- we hope to hear lots of OKNF tunes on the circuit. We’re excited to see them grow as they pick up new directions and crew members.

What’s your favorite tune or release from OKNF? Let us know in the comments below!