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Interview Series “Office Hours” From UCLA & Tumblr Lands Kaskade

If you ever wanted to learn from the best in the music industry, it might have just become easier. UCLA and Tumblr are teaming up to bring us a new music series: Office Hours. It will be a six-episode series that will be on Tumblr and YouTube. The first episode will feature Kaskade and will live stream January 19. The second episode will be February 7, and will feature Machine Gun Kelly.

This show will give artists the platform to speak to students who want to get into the music industry. They will be able to provide their insight, while hearing what the next generation of musicians are thinking. The series will be hosted by Steve Baltin, who is a music journalist who has written for Rolling Stones, Billboard and Vice. He has also hosted a music series that aired on Hulu: Riffing With.

The idea came from two students: David Brik and Allan Brik. Baltin said, “ [The students] had set up a Music Industry Committee and were looking for help to start a speaker series. I was very impressed with their ambition and how much they were focused on music education. I jumped on board.”

This is a wonderful opportunity for the students of UCLA and anyone tuning in to learn from some of the greats in the industry. To have professionals willing to share and listen to us is powerful.

“I’m excited to talk shop with the students at UCLA who are looking to get into the music industry. It’s inspiring to see the faces and hear the voices of the people who are next, and I’m always up for sharing my experiences, both good and bad.” – Kaskade

UCLA students and faculty can sit in on Office Hours for free. You just have to register and have a valid UCLA ID. The Tumblr community and UCLA students can get involved by submitting questions on the WERD Tumblr Ask Box.

Make sure to live stream the first episode on January 19 and learn a bit more about the music industry and Kaskade!