Odesza Releases Official Music Video For “Late Night”

A few weeks ago, Odesza asked fans to submit footage of their recent road trips so they could cut it all together into a music video for Late Night, one of two new singles they dropped last month. After receiving over 1,000 submissions, the video is finally here. It features footage of fans driving, dancing, entertaining and exploring all over the continent. The group even premiered the video on Facebook live, allowing their fans to come together to watch it in real time. Longtime friend to the group Kusanagi edited the video, and it comes with summer lurking just around the corner. Check it out here:

Odesza will be headlining at Bumbershoot this year, so be sure to check them out there if you haven’t already.

What did you think, does the video fit the track? What will your summer road trip music be? Let us know in the comments below.