Odesza Releases New Post-Apocalyptic Video For “Line Of Sight”

It’s been a big month for Odesza. Just last week, the Seattle-native duo announced the release of their first full-length album in years, A Moment Apart, with a worldwide tour to follow. Now, they’re back with an official video for their latest big single Line Of Sight.

The video chronicles the day-to-day of a little boy stranded in what seems to be a dystopian future of the Amazon rainforest. In it, the boy befriends a cyborg and spends the day getting piggyback rides and killing chickens. UNHEARD/OF produced the video, the same company that created the video for another Odesza hit, It’s Only.

Check out the official video for Line Of Sight right here:

You can learn more about Odesza’s new album and upcoming worldwide tour here.

What do you think of the video? What message do you think it’s trying to send? Let us know in the comments below.