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Odesza Releases Stellar Remix EP For Their Hit Single, Higher Ground

Seattle based duo, Odesza is at it again, and this time highlighting a big part of what EDM is: Remixes. They released a 4 track Higher Ground remix EP, with three remixes and their original version of Higher Ground, featuring Naomi Wild.

Their Moment Apart tour and album was a huge hit, and what better way to keep the love going than with highlighting other amazing artists? All the remixes kept the beautiful vocals of Naomi Wild, while still adding their own spin to the already loved track.

Flight Facilities, Reske, and Pluko did an amazing job of adding their own feel and mood to the track. Flight Facilities had a tropical house vibe, that just made you want to move and feel good. Reske had a soulful sound that had a jazz feel. While Pluko put a indie electric feel to the track.

Listen below and let us know which remix is your favorite!