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Opinion: A call for Odesza’s growing role in Seattle’s music scene

Photo by Rukes

The electronic duo Odesza met at Western Washington University in Bellingham. Harrison and Clayton of Odesza were born, raised, and currently live in Seattle. Odesza founded its Foreign Family Collective label in 2015. That all being so, why don’t we see Odesza throwing local shows featuring their label talent?

It would be incredible to see Foreign Family-featured shows all over the city, whether they’re at Neumos, Showbox Sodo, or even WaMu Theater. They could promote the 23-plus artists that are a part of the Foreign Family Collective.

All-Stars like Jai Wolf, Rufus Du Sol, and Big Wild or rising stars such as Chet Porter, Ford, and Pluko could be on the bill, supported by any of Seattle’s many talented locals. Suffice it to say, the Foreign Family Collective has a lot of music to share. What better place to share it than their hometown?

There are obviously multiple logistical issues that go with throwing your own events, and maybe when the duo is back home, they just want to relax. What we know is that they completely cleared their tour schedule after The Finale, last July. They are in Seattle right now working on music.

This decision is of course up to Odesza. But for one Seattle’s most prolific local talents, a bigger presence from their label in the city would only help push our community forward. There are plenty of bass, house, and trance shows — let’s get Odesza’s unique style and tastes on a stage more often.

They could bring variety to the scene again. Foreign Family Collective features plenty of new sounds and ideas. The pros far outweigh the cons, and it would be great to see Odesza take an even more active role in their hometown community.

If Odesza participated in the Seattle scene by throwing label-centric shows would it be beneficial? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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