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Odesza Releases “Line of Sight,” Their First New Song In Years

Odesza released the first song since their 2014 album In Return on Tuesday. The duo stays true to their iconic sound with the single Line of Sight, featuring Mansionair and Wynne.

Line of Sight fits into the uplifting, indle vibe that has become expected from an Odesza song. They have cultivated a sound that is theirs alone, and that has turned them into a household name for electronic music fans. The single was played over 15,000 times on YouTube within the first four hours of its release.

Mansionair is an indie, alternative group from Sydney, Australia. This young group released their first EP Pick Me Up in 2014 and has been releasing music consistently since. Wynne, on the other hand, has no music besides Line of Sight available for listening or purchase. This artist’s only social media presence is a Spotify profile with 14 followers and no tracks.

Odesza’s Clayton Knight debuted the song on Seattle’s 107.7 The End. During the interview he alluded to new music from the band, but gave no detail on when we can expect the new tracks to release. Knight did confirm that they plan on playing new material during their headlining set at Bumbershoot 2017.

What’s your opinion on Odesza’s new single? Check out Line of Sight for yourself below.