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Odesza Announces 2017 Tour, New Album, Releases Two Songs

In a Facebook post Monday morning, Odesza released dates for an upcoming world tour. The duo also announced plans for the release of their first full-length album since In Return in 2014.

The A Moment Apart Tour will kick off June 23rd at the Electric Forest Festival in Rothbury, Michigan. It’ll make its way to Bumbershoot on September 3rd and Vancouver’s PNE Forum on November 3rd. You can grab Bumbershoot tickets here, starting at $129, and Vancouver tickets here. Vancouver tickets are presaling for about $67 CAD ($50 USD) with the code “APART” until June 16th, so be sure to hop on those ASAP.

Odesza’s new 16-track album A Moment Apart will be out September 8th on Counter Records. Leon Bridges, Regina Spektor and RY X appear on the album, showcasing the wide variety of styles that define the duo’s sound. The duo also released two new singles off the album, Meridian and Corners Of The Earth. The tracks emphasize the ambient sound the group’s known for, while flashing signs of growth and maturity in their production style. Check out Meridian right here:

Will you be checking out a show in the A Moment Apart Tour? Which one? Let us know in the comments below.

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