Odesza Shows ‘Loyalty’ to Fans With Long-Awaited Single Announcement and Release



It has already been a over year since the Bellingham-based production duo Odesza released their sophomore album, A Moment Apart. The album saw incredible success, including two Grammy nominations. The duo also headlined countless festivals around the world over the past year, as well as given a breathtakingly unforgettable performance at Coachella.

The boys turned to Instagram to share a cryptic message, teasing their fans with the highly anticipated single Loyal.

They have played the mysterious track at countless sets before, dating back as far as 2015, but never officially released the ID. However, it seems that the wait is finally over. The visual post is not captioned, but fans have no trouble receiving the message.

The clip features a television surrounded by statues, with the cover art and the word “LOYAL” appearing on the screen. It is safe to say that the Odesza original will finally see its long-awaited release very soon.

Check out the mysterious Instagram post below:



After the duo’s cryptic message, the studio version of the live-staple Loyal is finally released!

The single maintains Odesza’s signature drum work and horns accompanied by sounds showcasing the duo’s heavier side. The hard-hitting song is even more fierce in studio-quality as fans welcome this new side of Odesza that dips into the realm of trap.

Finally, Odesza fans can rejoice now that the wait for this epic track is over.

Listen to Loyal below: