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ODESZA Share New “A Moment Apart” Details on Beats 1 Radio

With less then one month to go until the release of ODESZA’s new album A Moment Apart, we are beginning to see a final push for this big release. Here in Seattle you can feel the anticipation building for the hometown team, however ODESZA are no strangers to the rest of the world and have been spending time touring and spreading the world about their new album.

Members Clay and Harrison recently stopped by Apple’s Beats 1 Radio in L.A. to talk about the new album and what we can expect. During their interview Clay and Harrison got the opportunity to talk about some of the artists that they had the pleasure to work alongside on this album, ranging from Naomi Wild on their recently released track Higher Ground, to Leon Bridges who they said they have been trying to work with and were finally able to link up with here in Seattle to make “one of their favorite tracks on the album”.

The two members took some time during the interview to talk about how much effort they put into their live shows and how much fun it is for them to get to bring their instruments with them onto stage. They take people on what Beats 1 Radios hosts cousin referred to as a “spiritual experience”.

ODESZA also made sure to give hometown Seattle a shout out, saying that “it is probably one of the most beautiful cities in the world”.

ODESZA’s third album A Moment Apart’will be released on September 8, and with sold out shows already booked around the world we are EXTREMELY excited to see what this group has cooked up for us. Comment below and let us know how pumped you are for this release!