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Quick Hit: Norway Likely Decriminalizing Drug Use; Should the U.S. Follow?

The Norwegian Parliament recently made a motion to decriminalize drug use. Four out of the 9 parties (133 of 175 seats) voted in favor of reforming laws to push for rehab rather than jail time when it comes to people in possession of small amounts of drugs. Nothing has been implemented as of yet, but the act will be close to the system that Portugal uses, and the act pushes the government to start the changes.

When it comes to “the war on drugs” in the United States, we have a lot to learn. The United States puts a lot of money into putting and keeping people in jail for drug-related charges, but does not provide inmates the help they may need once they are out of jail. Many people become repeat offenders. Changing our attitude and approach to drugs and the laws surrounding them could save us a lot of money and lives.

A number of states and people are already making moves toward these types of changes. Mayoral candidate Kevin Saunders has been pushing for the legalization of mushrooms, and many states such as Colorado, Washington and Oregon have made big moves with marijuana. Any change it good, but the United States has a lot of work to do on a bigger scale.