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Norin and Rad Supercharges Seven Lions & MS54’s ‘Strangers’

The second Strangers dropped last August, it spread like wildfire. The combination of Seven Lions’ liquid bass and Myon & Shane’s vocal trance created a track with something that everyone could enjoy. That mass appeal was just given another twist though, thanks to our favorite Anjunabeats-signed duo Norin and Rad.

Taking a universally beloved song like Strangers on for a remix is nothing short of bold, and in our humble opinion Norin and Rad have proved themselves to be more than up to the challenge. The mid-tempo wobble of Seven Lions has been stripped out, replaced instead by a hard trance beat that adds a whole new facet to the tune. As it launches into a classic 128 bpm groove to book-end Tove Lo’s vocals, it’s clear that this isn’t your run-of-the-mill remix.

Catch Norin & Rad at Lucky 2014 on March 14 at the WaMu Theater, and experience the whole new side of Strangers up close and personal. Stream it below, and grab your ticket to our favorite St. Patrick’s Day celebration here!