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This Year’s Motion Notion Festival is Geared to Be the Best Yet!

Motion Notion has captivated electronic music lovers for several years in British Columbia Canada; the country passionately supports the arts and is home to a considerable number of exciting electronic music festivals that combine music, visual art, and nature blissfully. Motion Notion proudly offers these things and more, and if you’ve never been to Canadian festival, this may be the year for you to check it out! Boasting a legendary lineup of electronic music, beautiful scenery, and good vibes, Motion Notion is sure to please even the most cynical music snobs.

Here’s what the people behind Motion Notion had to say about the festival:

‘Motion Notion’ can be understood as the ‘Movement Idea’ – the concept that the flux of the universe is constantly flowing and changing, and is the essence of Being. Everything in our universe maintains this continuous flux as long as it exists. Movement, therefore – is Existence.

Experiencing music and art in nature helps people to feel the essence of Humanity, the Earth, and the Universe… One sacred rhythm beats within all people and throughout space and time.


Canada is celebrated for its combination of raw beauty and majestic landscapes, but the Motion Notion 2018 lineup may be tough to top this year, due in large part to the excellently curated lineup of talented performers. The festival will host the likes of David Starfire, Donald Glaude, J.Phlip, Longwalkshortdock, Perfect Stranger, Slynk, Sugarbeats (live band), and more!

Scheduled for Aug 23-27, be sure not to miss the many talented supporting acts as well, including Alex Mei, Dunmore Park, Maxx Ammo, Stund, Twotimer, and more.

Festival-goers enjoying some chill time in the river [cred: Banana Cam Photo]

We hope to see your smiling faces and dancing bodies at NoMo this year! Which artists are you looking forward to seeing? Let us know in the comments below!