nOb Control

nOb Control: A Highly Versatile Knob Controller for Media Production

nOb is unlike anything on the market for controlling parameters in your computer. It features a solid aluminum knob with adjustable rotation resistance and a precise industrial grade encoder with 2400 counts per rotation. The electronics are housed inside a durable, hand-crafted hardwood mahogany enclosure.

nOb gives you control over any parameter.

“Whether you’re a mastering engineer, colorist, music producer, sound designer, mixing engineer, video editor or 3D artist, there’s certainly a place for nOb in your workflow to revolutionize the way you make adjustments.”

Despite the immediately obvious versatility of the unit, we hadn’t heard much about it since their Kickstarter debut back in 2017, so we were thrilled to finally get our hands on one after all this time and our expectations were greatly surpassed.

nOb works exactly as advertised. Right out of the box, the rotation of the knob feels clinical, while the switches feel very robust. The unit itself is surprisingly heavy and doesn’t need to be secured down to function comfortably. While the rotation resistance and the product itself offers a lot of customization, we were happy to find it works pretty much right away without any setup.

Without additional functionality, it might seem a glorified knob controller, but nOb is anything but this.

In addition to the basic functionality of controlling parameters with the knob and switches, you can also use touch-based functions. The drag axis can be temporarily changed, while you touch the right toggle switch.

The drag axis can be temporarily changed, while you touch the right toggle switch, and you can move the mouse cursor with nOb without inducing a drag (or rather without causing a mouse click), by touching the left toggle switch when you start turning the knob.

These three features are what makes nOb so great in our production workflow. We’re able to conveniently incorporate it into our workflow and it really works wonders for mixing and mastering. The fine tune control allows us to adjust parameters and listen with our ears (not our eyes). We’ve been missing having more knobs to turn in the studio and now we can use the nOb for Pro-Q, KClip, VPS Avenger, anything!

Great things often come in a small form factor!

We never thought we’d be so excited about a knob but as we’ve told you… nOb is much more than just that. There’s simply no comparison on the market. MIDI 2.0 better hurry up…

The nOb sells out quickly, sign up for their mailing list here to make sure you get one once they’re available again!

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