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No Northwest Appearance In Top 100 Most Profitable Nightclubs

Top 100 lists generated by public opinion (I.E. “Vote for me for the Top 100 DJs!”) usually don’t impress us because it’s all about how good your marketing team is. But sometimes, there is a list based on sound data and can actually be quantified. Nightclub.com has released a list of the top 100 most profitable clubs of 2014. As you would expect, Las Vegas is the top dog for most profitable, with XS and Haakasan generating over 100 million dollars for 2014. Las Vegas takes 80% of the top ten with Los Angeles, New York, and Miami taking the bulk of the remainder. The stand out of this list is that not one northwest nightclub is on the list. Not Whiskey Bar, Q, Foundation, Aston Manor or any dominant club in the Northwest was listed in the top 100.

So why did the Northwest not rank in the top 100, especially since we have so many world class establishments? Nightclub.com hired an outside firm by the name of T.G. Mayer & Co., P.C. who created a detailed & formulaic approach to research and verify the data gathered. Most nightclubs are privately owned entities and do not have their information available to the public. So, a large part of the list is generated through participation on the side of the nightclubs. If a nightclub chose not to submit the required information, they would be omitted from the list. It may be the case that none of the nightclubs in the northwest participated in the Top 100 or that they flat out didn’t generate the revenue to rank in the top 100. Here is the methodology:

The Top 100 national roster is developed through a rigorous program involving primary research and analysis of secondary sources. An online survey of operators yields primary data. Secondary research involving public databases and sources, scans of major metropolitan markets, review websites and industry resources provides additional data. Total revenues are presented in ranges for calendar year; specific ranking is determined by midpoint of annual revenue. Concepts can operate in no more than five locations under the same name and must be operating 12 months of the calendar year. Gentlemen’s Club and Dayclubs are not included in the annual ranking.

You can take a look at the whole list of the Top 100 here. Why do you think that the northwest didn’t rank? Do we have a big enough market to throw up numbers like those other cities? Let us know your thoughts below.