Ninja’s Latest Compilations Seeks to Blend Gaming and EDM

Tyler Belvins aka Ninja, as many of us know him, is coming out with an EDM compilation album. Ninja is no stranger in the EDM scene. We’ve seen him by Marshmello’s side for the past year. The two won the first ever Celeb Pro-Am Tournament for Fornite. According to, Ninja’s compilation will include artists such as Alesso and 3lau.

Ninjawerks, the title of the compilation, is now available for preorder.  The album mixes gaming and EDM, making it the first time the two worlds will collide in Astralwerks, which is the label it is releasing through. Get a glimpse at the compilation below.

The compilation will drop on December 14th. This will bring the gaming world closer to the EDM world. We’ve seen a bit of crossover through the year. With this project, we cannot wait to see how this affects the surroundings.

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