Niles Shepard - Goodbye (Seattle)

Niles Shepard’s ‘Goodbye (Seattle)’ Mirrors the City of its Namesake

Welcome to Groovy Bone 001

Niles Shepard has been making major noise in house music, with releases on esteemed 4/4 labels like Nite Records, Prescribed, PlusPlus Rec, and now Diskull‘s Groovy Bone. The duo unabashedly tackles tough melodic and compositional choices, confidently weaving in and out of genres in a progressive style that’s unmistakably theirs. With so much of the DMNW crew based in Seattle, we knew we’d have to cover their new track Goodbye (Seattle), out now.

We’re proud to hail from the namesake of the song, and we think Niles Shepard did commendable justice in proliferating our city’s name.

Goodbye (Seattle) opens with driving percussion layered underneath a mysterious monologue reflecting on the damage caused by natural events, perhaps suggesting a premonition for natural disasters on Earth. The motif and lyrics of the track imbue the listener with a simultaneous sense of nostalgia and disassociation. As the atmospheric track progresses the haunting foundation grows, prominently featuring staccato percussion and swelling synthesizers.

In our opinion, the symphony and progression of sounds mirrors Seattle’s intermittent rains and climate. The moments of peak energy are excellently contrasted by introspective and lush breakdowns. We can’t wait to hear more from this talented duo, as well as from Groovy Bone.

Niles Shepard’s Goodbye (Seattle) is available on Beatport and most other distributors.

We think this strong debut release suggests quality on the horizon from Groovy Bone and Niles Shepard, both! What artists do you want to hear featured on Groovy Bone next? Let us know on social media