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NGHTMRE Drops First Original Song, “MTRD”

With all of the hype surrounding Lucky, it’s easy to focus solely on the artists that will soon blow the roof off of WaMu Theater. However, to neglect the newly released track from NGHTMRE, MTRD, would be a very foolish decision. While much of NGHTMRE’s initial rise to prominence came from collaborations with Slander on anthems such as We Like to Party, Ascension, Warning, and more, this song ensures that NGHTMRE is a force to be reckoned with—especially when given free reign.

Released on the Circus Records label, MTRD is heavily influenced by the growing ‘future’ movement, but that’s by no means a bad thing. It maintains the swaying, danceable feel of the style, but adds that signature NGHTMRE grittiness as well. Furthermore, unlike a large amount of dance music, it feels like an actual song, rather than a jumbled series of drops and breakdowns. Though, yes, it has those too. It’s future bass at its finest, and it’s more than worth a listen.

Considering that MTRD is the first original song exclusively crafted by this young producer, we’re very excited to see what more NGHTMRE has in store. While it doesn’t appear that he’ll be touring in the area any time soon (are we allowed to start dreaming for Paradiso yet?), that just gives him more time to establish a powerful repertoire to floor the Northwest.

We’re ready.

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