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Showing the Next Generation of Ravers What We Love About the PNW Community


There are hundreds of dance music communities across the country. Places like Los Angeles, Colorado, Utah, Phoenix, New York, and Tennessee are incredible, and likewise there’s the Pacific NW. There are multiple reasons our rave scene is remarkable.

It would be wrong to say that we are better, it’s not a competition, but over the years we have definitely created something special in the PNW. With FreakNight coming up this Friday, it is important that we remember the golden rules that have made our community so strong.

There will be thousands of new people entering the the northwest dance community at FreakNight. We should be welcoming them with open arms instead of putting down their music tastes or acting like elitists. We need to show the next generation of ravers why our community has thrived so much in the past 8 years.

The Fine Details That Make Our Community Great. 

We are always respectful to everyone. Teach new ravers that the outfit someone is wearing is not an invitation to be violated. If we witness anything inappropriate we should notify conscious crew or event security immediately. If an urgent situation arises, try to help by talking to the person who is being disrespected. Help them with a smiling face and a caring heart.


The Pacific NW understands the importance of personal space. Historically one of the strongest parts about our community is that we give everyone around us breathing room. When we accidentally hit one of our own we immediately acknowledge that we didn’t mean to do it by apologizing. It is imperative that we are always saying excuse me when navigating through a crowd; people who push and shove create chaos.

Raves Are A Utopia

The importance of spreading good vibes to our peers is monumental. It never hurts to say hi or trade a piece of kandi to people who have been in the same space as you for a period of time. Small gestures like offering smiles, extra water, or even snacks go a long way!

On the topic of kandi bracelets. We are one of the most active Kandi Kid communities in the country. In its most basic sense, the idea behind trading kandi is that there are so many people to meet at shows and the chances of meeting again are very slim. Kandi is a way to remember the positive interactions we shared with these people.

The Only Requirement Is That You Have a Loving Heart

One of the most essential aspects of any solid rave community is the common belief that we welcome all people. Any color, shape, size, or background is accepted, the only requirement is that you have a loving heart. This fundamental principle is why many of us have gone to hundreds of shows over the years. Raves are a judge free zone where we can be ourselves without fear.

We remember being nervous going to our first show, but our fears washed away when we saw the hundreds of smiling faces. We have to share those same smiling faces to the next generation of ravers. This weekend at FreakNight is our chance to show thousands of people why we love this community so much.

Our scene is not suffering. We are stronger than ever, but there is always room for improvement. We all must do our part to make sure that people are having the time of their lives at shows in the Pacific NW.


What aspects of the PNW dance community do you love? What has kept you coming back to shows in our region over the years? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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