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Never Lose Your Friends in the Crowd Again With New Gadget

Just about every raver has experienced this: your phone is at 14%, one bar left of signal, and your friends are definitely not at the agreed meeting place! Between huge crowds and the age-old problem of one’s companions simply wandering off, it’s no small wonder why leashes and collars have gained quite a bit of popularity as accessories in the scene.

However, a new handy little gadget offers a solution to this challenge. Its called the LynQ tracker, scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2019.

According to a glowing review in Gizmodo, the handy thing about the LynQ tracker is that although it works much like a compass, the gadget uses GPS “to point the way to a specific person, instead of true north” with “a range of around five miles”. It should be noted that the tracker is best suited to outdoor use due to the GPS.

In other words, it potentially will be great for finding your pals at an outdoor festival. Not so much at a Vancouver massive or a particularly crowded house party. (Author’s note: I personally wish I’d had one of these at EDC Las Vegas last year. It would have really helped my boyfriend find me after I got lost at Cosmic Meadow!)

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