From overalls to metallic tattoos and Chuck Taylor Converse, festival fashion is out in full force. Let’s be honest, we all give at least half a thought as to what we’re going to wear before hand. Some ask their friends, post to Facebook, and peruse through the endless pages of Pinterest in search of unique festival clothing that really stands out. We’ve done the dirty work for you this year by scouring the deepest trenches of the interwebs to bring you the freshest, unsoiled festival season fashion trends of 2015.  Browse through the pages below, and see what we’ve found! Need help with the rest of what to bring? Check out our printer-friendly definitive Paradiso checklist!

When planning your festival attire this year, make sure to cover all the bases. Pizzazz and style should come hand-in-hand with comfort. When your six hours deep into any set this summer, the last thing you want to be thinking about is how itchy your shirt is, or how sore your feet are.

“Going to a festival is a test of endurance; your festival ‘wardrobe’ if you go as far to call it that, should be a survival kit – essentials to make the experience easier. If you think about what you’re wearing once you’re there, you’re not having enough fun.” –Glamour Magazine UK
Festival Fashion 2015 – Glamour Magazine UK

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